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I've used the Beta House Collective four times. Do you see that number? FOUR. Their feedback is absolutely invaluable. Their ideas for improvement are backed with specific solutions so I'm never left feeling lost or confused about the way forward. They are so talented at seeing the way I want to tell my story and helping me get there. Also, I always feel like they respect my story and care about my characters and me. I tell all my writer friends about Taylor and Sarah, as my writing journey wouldn't be the same without them.


If you're considering using the Beta House Collective, I highly recommend you get on their books. You won't regret it!

R.C. Reyn  |  @rcreynauthor


Bachelor of Science, Curtin University

I’m an avid reader and a sucker for ALL the well written tropes (enemies to lovers? I think yes!). In particular I enjoy reading high/urban fantasy (both Adult and YA), sci-fi, dystopian and dabbling in the realms of contemporary every now and then.

I can often be found with a cup of (strong) coffee and curled up reading a good book with my dog at my feet begging for my snack. I’m passionate and determined to provide clear, concise, and honest feedback to make your projects the best they can possibly be. My background in science provides extra useful when reading sci-fi and dystopian, as well as providing a bench mark for those writing characters with injuries. As a obsessed plotter I have a passion for world-building, a very important aspect for any fantasy or sci-fi writers. A good story is one that captures the reader’s attention at every moment and I aim to help you achieve this.

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Bachelor of Communications, University of Queensland

I’m a lifelong reader and passionate about all kinds of stories, particularly contemporary female fiction, rom-com, romance, adult paranormal/urban fantasy, and young adult stories of any genre. I’m at my happiest drinking tea, reading, writing, or brainstorming my newest novel, and my hobbies include contributing to my growing array of indoor houseplants and buying too many books. I always believe it’s a good time to sing to Shania Twain and car dance to assorted nineties classics.

My background in journalism, writing, marketing, and telecommunications means I can provide feedback on realistic dialogue, and how your story would appeal to the market. As a character-driven writer, I often pay special attention in my feedback to characterisation, character interactions, authenticity, and motive. I make no apologies for the amount of capitalised fangirling I do in my critiques, and if your work has romance or a romantic subplot (#onebed!), I am  


For Taylor...

I used Beta House for a full manuscript beta reader critique and was incredibly impressed with the level of detail and thoroughness of the feedback provided. It’s really scary putting your work out there and Taylor was thoughtful and constructive in her feedback.


The feedback provided has given me a wonderful action plan to rigorously edit my novel. This is a daunting task made less so by the scaffolding that Taylor has given me.


Writing can be a lonely road, though I feel services from Beta House offer the sense of community that can help carry you along particularly when you struggle to see your words objectively. Thanks so much Taylor, I’m very grateful!

Casey Nott

I am a first-time author and Taylor's feedback was worth ever single penny. It is really hard to see the gaps in your own story.


I highly recommend BHC to help you do that. I received detailed feedback on so many aspects of my novel, from character development to plot to technique.


Thank you Taylor for helping me make my story the best that it can be.

Ashley N.

I worked with Taylor and she was absolutely amazing! The feedback I received was extremely detailed and helpful. Not only did Taylor provide thoughtful and comprehensive feedback but provided solutions to the flaws within my manuscript.

The Beta House Collective was professional and exceeded all my expectations. Working with Taylor made the stressful feedback process enjoyable and so helpful. I can't wait to work with them again in the future and utilize the new services they now offer!

Nikki Cole

For Sarah...

The Beta House Collective was a dream to work with for a first time beta read! I have always been a little anxious about letting others read my work, but I couldn't be happier with the care taken with my story by Sarah. She was extremely detailed and thorough, providing her feedback in a constructive yet positive manner. 

I especially loved the specific changes & solutions Sarah suggested that really help take my story to the next level. I would absolutely recommend working with the Beta House Collective!

Chanelle Brooke

I wish every writer knew just how valuable the feedback from the Beta House Collective is. I could tell Sarah took the time to craft detailed guidance, and I felt she truly cared about me and my story.

She saw things that I couldn't see myself, and did a wonderful job at giving me solid suggestions for how I might fix it.

Your story will only improve with feedback like Sarah gives, and I appreciate her so much!

R.C. Reyn

Sarah’s feedback was deeply insightful and way more complex and comprehensive than I anticipated. She highlighted the strengths in my story while kindly pointing out several opportunities to make it shine.

She offered in-depth analysis of the story’s readability, not limited to my characters, their relationships with each other, the overall pacing and the major conflict/resolution. I’m already looking forward to working with her again.

Emma Mugglestone

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