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The Beta House Collective is an Australian-based company. We are writers and critique partners—so we know what our clients are looking for, and have first-hand experience with the challenging yet rewarding writing process.

We provide services that deliver solutions-based feedback, and highlight opportunities for your story.

On this page:

I wish every writer knew just how valuable the feedback from the Beta House Collective is.... I used both Taylor and Sarah as beta readers, at staggered times, and I believe it was the most valuable decision I could have made for my book. I had the expertise of one reader, was able to draft and revise based on what we talked about, and then got new feedback. My finished book wouldn't be what it is without the help and guidance of the ladies at the Beta House Collective and I'm grateful to them.

R.C. Reyn | @rcreynauthor


The Beta House Collective team combine key elements of beta reading with a manuscript assessment to give you comprehensive and solution-orientated feedback for your projects.

  • We are enthusiastic readers (and writers!) and use both of these perspectives to enhance your story.

  • Our team are passionate about aiding our clients on their journey to success.

  • We understand the pitfalls of sharing your work online. We ensure confidentiality, and reliable delivery of your feedback.

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Everyone’s writing journey follows a different path, but all writers need feedback—no matter what stage they are in—to improve their writing skills and bring fresh ideas and perspective to their story. It’s never too late to engage outside opinions!

Hiring beta readers to review your work is an inexpensive and reliable way to source objective feedback, particularly before you hire a professional editor or start querying your work.

Why book multiple readers?
Every opinion is subjective, and comprised of a person’s core beliefs, values, and experience. Just as two people can watch the same movie and have different opinions, two people can read a book and have different perspectives. The more beta readers you have, the easier it is to identify trends in feedback that show what is working for your story and what isn’t.


We are happy to read all genres from all over the world, as long as it is in English.

The Beta House Collective is based in Australia, with Australian beta readers.

Note: As part of the enquiry process, we ask that you please disclose any mature themes or potentially triggering topics so our beta readers can make an informed decision on whether your project is right for them. For more information, please see our Client contract (available upon request).


The Beta House Collective values author privacy and understands how daunting it can be to share your work.

All members of the beta reading team are required to sign our Client contract. This confirms any work submitted is treated as copyright and the rightful intellectual property of the author, and that it may not be shared or discussed with members of the public, unless a published copy has been provided as a gift by the author, or the reader has legally purchased a copy from a retailer.



The chosen beta reader/s will read your story and provide feedback using pre-set questionnaires appropriate to the package you have purchased.

No matter the service, we focus on the big picture, and aim to address the following points in our feedback:

  • Our overall impression of where the story is in the writing journey (e.g. nearing a professional edit, needs further development, etc)

  • The pacing, flow, and structure of the story

  • If the characters are believable, engaging, and developed

  • How your story made us feel

  • If we found plot holes, or issues with continuity

  • Areas of opportunity for your writing

As beta readers, we will:

  • Provide you with quality feedback and a genuine beta reading experience. We are writers too, we have been in your shoes, and we understand where your head is at

  • Champion your work and provide feedback on what you are doing well and what opportunities may require your attention

  • Let you know how your story made us feel. We may ask questions that readers may ask to help you identify areas of opportunity in your story

  • Fangirl over your characters (especially the love interests/hilarious B characters). Not sorry

  • Provide craft/industry recommendations or comparisons if we feel they are applicable/appropriate to you and your story

  • Provide a timely and reliable experience.

As Beta readers, we do not:

  • Communicate back and forth with authors during the beta reading process. A beta reader is a knowledgeable, engaged reader; someone who reads your work and provides a review on the strengths and weaknesses of your story, how the story made them feel, and what worked/didn’t work for them as a reader. It is a one-way process

  • Provide editing services or receive commission on any editing services. Be assured, our feedback will never be provided with future profit or services in mind  

  • Expect perfection. We will embrace your story as a whole, and will not get bogged in the weeds with correcting spelling mistakes or grammar. That’s not what Beta readers are needed for, and that’s definitely not what we’re here for

  • Substitute as sensitivity or accuracy readers. We aim to provide a critique that is fair to our experience as a general reader, and may point out areas that may need more attention/appear inconsistent or inaccurate, but we cannot diagnose these areas for you.

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